Who WE Are – Brian Hoang

Brian Hoang, an Allied Health student, got the surprise of his life when he opened a letter stating that he had been accepted to Georgetown University. As the first in his immediate family to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the country, Hoang said he was shocked, but after learning he would also receive a yearly scholarship amounting to $78,000 he says, “I was literally bouncing off the walls!” Hoang plans to major in Human Science with hopes of going to medical school so he can eventually become a physician with his own family practice. “Through Allied Health I was able to explore many aspects of healthcare and truly uncover my passion for the field. For that, I want to thank Ms. Hanley, Ms. Slama, and Mrs. Hudson,” Hoang says. When not hitting the books, Hoang was involved with groups like Students Serving Students, Colonials Crushing Cancer, and Project Rescue Earth, clubs that all emphasized making a change in the community. He also participated in cross country and lacrosse. “Through these sports I noticed a significant change in my character and work ethic…my cross country coach always said, ‘It’s easy to settle for mediocrity,’ so my message to fellow Colonials is to never settle.” Colonial Nation is proud that Brian Hoang represents Who WE Are!


Brian is #WhoWEAre.