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Child Find Services

What is Child Find?
Child Find is a federally funded project in the State of Delaware which locates, identifies and provides educational services to persons ages 0 – 21 . In the Colonial School District a Child Find team is involved in screening, evaluating and recommending specific services for referred school aged children as well as preschool aged children.

School Aged Child Find

If your child attends a private or parochial school that is located within the Colonial School District and is experiencing academic problems and/or speech problems, you may request an evaluation to determine if they are eligible for special education services. The evaluation process includes detailed Response to Intervention documentation from the private school. You can learn more about Response to Intervention by visiting the DOE website.  After the evaluation process is completed, there will be a meeting to determine whether your child is eligible to receive Special Education Services. If your child is eligible for speech/language services, the Colonial District may provide those services through a Speech Service Plan.

If your child is eligible for other services, those would be provided through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). In order to receive those services, your child would need to be enrolled in a public school. To request an evaluation, contact childfind@colonial.k12.de.us or 429-4088. * If you live in Colonial School District but your child attends a private school in another school district, please contact that district for assistance with the evaluation process.

Pre School Aged Child Find

Parents of preschool aged children may contact the Child Find Coordinator at childfind@colonial.k12.de.us or 429-4088 with questions or concerns about their child’s development. In the Colonial School District a Child Find team is involved in screening, evaluating and recommending specific services for referred preschool aged children.

If warranted, an evaluation may be offered in the areas of communication, motor, thinking, self-help, and personal/social skills.

If your child is under three years old and you have concerns regarding your child’s development in any of the following areas:  Communication, Cognition (Thinking/Learning), Self-help (Feeding/Dressing), Social/Emotional, Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills, please contact Child Development Watch at 302-283-7140. To complete a free developmental screening visit ASQ Developmental Screening.

For a list of Developmental Milestones http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/actearly/milestones/index.html

  • Screenings
    The Colonial School District conducts free developmental screenings for children aged 3-5 in various Head Starts, Child Care Centers and Pre School Centers within the District. The screening helps to determine whether a child has a potential delay as compared to others of the same age group. Children are screened in the areas of motor skills, basic concepts, and language development. Further evaluation will be discussed with those families of children that exhibit delays on the screening. To learn more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Child Find Coordinator at childfind@colonial.k12.de.us or 429-4088
  • Evaluations
    Families, child care providers, preschool teachers, or others working with children may contact the Child Find Coordinator at childfind@colonial.k12.de.us or 429-4088, to discuss making a referral for a Developmental Evaluation or for a Speech (Articulation) Evaluation in order to determine whether a child might be eligible for any special education supports or services prior to beginning Kindergarten.
  • Services
    Services are offered in a variety of options depending on the needs of the child. Some children receive services within the home; some receive services in their current child care or preschool placement and some receive services on site through the Colonial Early Education Program (CEEP) located at the Colwyck Center or the John G Leach School. CEEP programs are instructed by certified teachers and paraeducators. Children with and without disabilities attend CEEP together. To learn more visit, http://www.colonialschooldistrict.org/ceep/