English Learners

EL Program Philosophy 

We believe our Multilingual Learners bring unique assets to strengthen our schools, families, and communities.  Colonial School District’s English Learner (EL) Program is dedicated to ensuring equitable access to high-quality, rigorous grade-level instruction to foster language proficiency and academic success.  Our highly qualified educators support students across all subjects, focusing on language and literacy.  We engage families through the Power of We to support every student’s educational and social-emotional development to enable success in college, career and life. 

CSD MLL Program Service Offerings

ESL Push-In

The English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher provides language support and/or instruction in the content area in the general education classroom.

ESL Pull-Out

The EL pulled out of the general education classroom for small group language instruction.



English Language Development (ELD)

The English Language Development class is aligned to the WIDA standards as well as Common Core State Standards (CCSS). ELs also participate in core content classes.

Newcomer English Instruction

Newcomer ELs from various language backgrounds receive intensive ELD instruction for the majority of the day, and join their native English speaking peers for electives.

Sheltered English Instruction

Content certified teachers receive training on SIOP strategies to make subject-area content rigorous, culturally relevant, and comprehensible for ELs.