New Castle, DE- Construction technology classes have gone high tech at William Penn High School (WPHS); gone are the days when students make simple things like birdhouses for projects. In Mac Emerson’s class, students have built and sold everything from sheds for private customers to park benches for New Castle County government. Now, thanks to a special workshop Emerson attended with teachers from across the country last summer, he is teaching students to build electric guitars.

Sophomore, Andy Walsh just completed a guitar April 23rd and surprised his grandfather by giving him the custom-made gift (see photos & video clips). Walsh is the first student to complete the highly detailed task. Emerson was among a group of teachers from across the country who learned how to build electric guitars in a professional development workshop last summer.   Emerson built a special guitar for WPHS and hopes to sell his STEM-related project as a fundraiser so additional kits can be purchased for students who want to make more custom-made guitars.“This is a craft that students can either take on as a hobby or even a business,” Emerson said. “I want my kids to be capable of doing all types of projects because these days there are many high paying jobs for skilled people in the construction industry.” Walsh and Emerson are available for interviews. Contact Public Information Officer, Lauren Wilson, if interested in learning more about WPHS’s construction tech program.