Born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1861, Emily Bissell is known for being the founder of Wilmington’s first public kindergarten. She is also known for her efforts to introduce child labor laws in Delaware. In 1883, she founded an organization, now known as the West End Neighborhood House, that originally provided social services to Wilmington’s immigrant Irish and German families. 

Bissell was passionate about finding the cure for tuberculosis. She popularized the system where people attached a special kind of stamp to their mail during the Christmas season, and the proceeds would go to fighting the disease. Though the idea failed at first, Bissell continued on, eventually making three thousand dollars, which was well beyond her original goal.  

She spent the remainder of her life promoting Christmas stamps and helping to eliminate tuberculosis before dying in 1948. In 1980, the U.S. Postal Service issued a 15 cent stamp in her honor.  #womenshistorymonth2021 #netde #powerofwecsd