We realize that many families are wondering about our plans for in-person learning. This week, our Safe Return To School planning teams are re-engaging in conversations to phase in the return to in-person learning. The intention is for some groups of students to begin in-person learning beginning October 19th. In order for us to make this occur, we sent emails to families (K to 8) to reaffirm their intentions for in-person or virtual learning for the first semester. Please be on the lookout for this email and respond accordingly.

• If you are a parent of a K to 8 student and did not submit your preference, or wish to change your mind CLICK HERE to share your plans when we have an in-person opportunity. It is possible that our in-person learning experiences at the elementary and middle schools will not be offered at your child’s feeder school. If this occurs, we will provide transportation.
– William Penn HS will continue to operate virtually but may begin bringing certain classes into school depending on the type of class and experience needed for learning. We will provide you with regular updates and advanced notice of possible changes.

Expectations for in-person learning for students in grades K-8:

  1. Parents must complete a COVID-19 self-screener for their child each morning +
  2. All students must wear a face covering at all times unless eating.
  3. Students must be spaced 6 feet apart in classrooms with approximately 15 to 25 students per room.
  4. Students will remain in the same seat/desk in one classroom throughout the day and staff will rotate into the classrooms, this includes lunchtime.
  5. Students will continue to use technology on a daily basis and are expected to bring devices to and from school.
  6. Students must follow all safety protocols regarding handwashing, use of hand sanitizer, and social distancing.
  7. All bus riders must wear masks, sit socially distanced, and sanitize hands before boarding.
  8. There will be no in-person clubs or sports for K to 8 students.
  9. Students may not have the same teacher for in-person that they have had for virtual learning.
  10. If the school nurse determines that your child is sick, they must be picked up as soon as you are notified.
  11. Students will be required to follow all Division of Public Health (DPH) guidance on self-quarantining if necessary.

In the meantime, it is our expectation that the Virtual Academy experiences are proving to be more robust and aligned with the promise of high-quality learning in Colonial than in the spring.

  • Please CLICK HERE to take a brief survey to share your reflections so far. We urge any parents that have questions to speak directly with their child’s teacher or principal.
  • If a child’s device is not working properly, our technology team is here to assist via http://www.colonialschooldistrict.org/technology-help/.
  • Also, our Home Learning sessions have been great for parents…there are still sessions remaining.