We experienced unsubstantiated non-specific electronic threats on Tuesday at William Penn and also Friday at McCullough.  We believe that these non-specific threats are part of a national trend by students intending to disrupt schools.  We take them seriously, investigate them and follow up, however we found no evidence to lend any credibility to them.   

Yesterday at approximately 2:55PM,  the Delaware State Police informed us of specific and credible concern to the safety of our students and staff at McCullough and William Penn.  Under the direction of the state police, buildings were placed on a lockdown, including some elementary schools (which were placed on a soft lock down).  Additional law enforcement arrived to secure the middle school and high school buildings and followed safety procedures. 

Our staff and student safety is a priority. We take each and every threat seriously & follow up and investigate details with school safety specialists and administrators.  Anyone found responsible will be held accountable.  Thank you for your understanding and support.