Dear Families:

We are reaching out to clarify a statement (see below) from yesterday’s communication to families at Gunning Bedford regarding the Back to Basics class for students assigned to the 8B team. 

“Scholars will be expected to complete all work and assignments given from the Back to Basics teacher with a passing grade of 50% or higher per marking period. This progression is recommended in order for scholars to remain on track for course completion and success during the 8th grade year.”

The above statement gives the incorrect perception that a student can pass the class with a 50%. Our policy for grading virtual classes and in-person classes are identical; however, because of the newness of the virtual environment, we were attempting to provide assurance to parents that students would not be negatively impacted by participating in virtual classes. 

Colonial’s grading policy and practices are designed to support student growth and academic success. 

  • Teachers document student progress to determine if they have mastered state standards  in the class. 
  • Because our grading policy uses accumulated grades for the entire year, when a student earns a marking period grade lower than 50%, it creates a mathematical hurdle that is nearly impossible to overcome in order to earn a passing grade. 
  • However, to avoid a detrimental impact on a student’s overall success in the class, 50% is the lowest percentage given when calculating marking period grades. 
  • If a student does not complete an assignment or does not meet academic expectations, they still may earn a failing grade. 


We did not state this clearly in our original communication and apologize for the confusion.