Dear Families and Staff:

I realize the sudden two-week closure of our schools has created many challenges for our families in Colonial Nation; regardless we fully support our Governor’s decision and his efforts to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. We are all challenged with navigating through uncharted waters, but I urge you to remember the backbone of Colonial Nation is the Power of WE. Let’s put the Power of WE to work with educators, families, and neighbors supporting each other through this difficult time.

The Colonial Team has been working tirelessly throughout the past four days, which includes Saturday and Sunday. They have been working to put together plans to help our students access learning opportunities while at home over the two weeks and to continue receiving nutritious meals. While schools and offices are closed to the public, we have been working diligently to mobilize Pandemic Preparedness Plans that support students, families, and staff.

Please visit or your school’s Facebook page for those details and more as we promise to keep everyone updated on a consistent basis.

The decision to close schools was a difficult one because no one wants to disrupt learning and all of the services that schools provide. To be completely transparent, we have no way of knowing if the closure will be extended, or how that may impact our district’s calendar of events in the coming months. That said, our common goal remains the same, we must do whatever we can to prevent the spread of the virus so we can get back to business as usual as quickly as possible – while keeping our community healthy.

Thanks to the Power of WE, WE will get through this unprecedented national crisis together, and as always, WE will do what is best for our students and staff. I thank you in advance for your help and support.






Jeffrey Menzer, Ed.D

Colonial School District Superintendent

Coronavirus letter 3-16-2020- Spanish Version