Colonial Nation,

You may recall that in the fall of 2022, we went to the Delaware Department of Education (DEDOE) asking for a Certificate of Necessity (CN) to provide state funding for important improvements needed throughout our facilities. The list of projects we submitted was prepared with input received from staff and families through a series of public meetings and feedback sessions. DEDOE was not able to offer support at that time. After thoughtful consideration and discussion, our school board authorized us to submit our request again this fall. 

We are excited to announce…  this time, our CN request has been approved!  

This approval means:

  • The State of Delaware will provide 60% of the funding for these projects, which include:
    • Replacing aging roofs for buildings as needed
    • Building security enhancements such as secured vestibule entrances 
    • New ADA-compliant playground surfaces and equipment for all elementary schools
    • Parking & roadway improvements for all schools
    • Site drainage & grading for all schools
    • Pedestrian improvements for all schools
    • Athletic field improvements for all three middle schools and high school which includes a new multi sport athletic complex at William Penn
  • The Colonial community must approve issuing bonds, which will pay for the remaining 40% of these projects. This approval is obtained through a referendum, which the Board authorized at tonight’s Board meeting. 
  • If our community does not approve the referendum, the Certificate of Necessity (CN) will expire and Colonial will not be able to use the State funds for these projects.   

Additionally, it has been seven years since our last operating referendum, which was projected to last 3-5 years. We have stretched this timeframe as long as possible by maximizing other funding sources, such as pandemic relief funds, federal safety & security grants, and state opportunity funding. 

In order to keep the momentum going and continue to provide our students with world class staff, top notch programs and safe and engaging environments, we need additional operating funds. We are finalizing the numbers around this portion of the referendum and will provide more details as soon as possible.   

We are grateful for your support and partnership, the support and investment from the state of Delaware, and the dedication and talents of our staff to make our schools the best we can possibly make them.  Further details regarding the referendum will be released soon. Please stay tuned to as we will update everyone with further information as it becomes available. 

Jeffrey Menzer, Ed.D

Christopher A. Piecuch, Sr.
Board of Education President