Much work and discussions have been centered around the return to school for our students and staff. Please know that planning continues on a daily basis among administrators, teachers, and staff who are considering input from parents, students, and legislators who represent the Colonial School District (CSD). The decisions are difficult since no one can predict the course that COVID-19 will take, but the safety and well being of students and staff remains a top priority. Many decisions made for the CSD will hinge on directions from the governor and the Department of Education, which are forthcoming.

We promise to keep you informed!
– Beginning with this post, we will send you weekly updates to communicate our plans and give you details as those plans are in place for a return to school.
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As our current situation is constantly evolving, please understand that planning could change based on a resurgence of the virus, just as plans could change based on developments with testing and treatment. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we adapt to the changing environment throughout the summer. We would like to provide some updates about what’s happened this summer in CSD:

In the last month . . . 
We have asked parents to complete a short survey and we received almost 2,000 responses. The survey showed:
• 39% of parents indicated they would prefer their children to return to school
• 37% prefer a combination of remote learning and in-school instruction or a hybrid model
• 22%indicated they want remote learning to continue.
This was very important data for us to utilize in our planning, so we want to thank everyone who participated in the survey.

– District leadership and staff conducted 27 one-hour virtual focus groups with a combined total of over 250 participants, who represented groups from every building in our District, as well as parents and students. We are very appreciative of not only the time given by our participants but also their thoughtfulness and engagement in this difficult process. The feedback received from the groups was productive, with participants providing ideas and suggestions on topics such as masks and face coverings, transportation, social distancing, and more. Our administrative team will use these ideas in conjunction with the latest guidance from local and state agencies as we finalize our plans.

– Over 100 staff members from throughout CSD have been meeting virtually often to have thoughtful discussions around current issues and decisions being made in our state and how these decisions will impact Colonial. These discussions are weighing heavily on our planning for any possible back to school plans for this upcoming school year.

In closing, please continue to make every effort to contain the virus in our community by maintaining good personal hygiene, practicing social distancing, and wearing masks in public. We can’t thank you enough for your support and the part you play in the Power of We.