This morning at approximately 10:30 am a terrible odor was evident in four Colonial schools.  District officials acted promptly by shutting down outside heating units to stop outside air from entering into the buildings and no students were allowed outside.  Administrators contacted DNREC, air quality controls officials, local law enforcement and monitored outside air. All emergency protocols were followed while Wallice Wallin, George Read, Carrie Downie, and William Penn schools were closely monitored. 

In the interest of safety, administrators conferred with DNREC officials who arrived at one of our schools.  By 10:46 the air quality outside was returning to normal. Windows were opened and heating units were turned back on.  At this time authorities are unsure what the odor was but confirmed that it was not located at a specific Colonial building.  Students or staff who felt sick due to the smell were allowed to go to the nurse’s office. Buildings returned to normal operations for the remainder of the day.