Dear Colonial Families:

Our students have returned to school after 18 months of virtual learning at home, and a third school year impacted by COVID. Getting back into the routines of school has not been easy and some schools have seen an increase in disruptive student behavior. Please know these incidents have not been ignored. 

WE are committed to providing a safe, supportive classroom and school environment while helping students to work through conflicts In the short term, additional counselors, support staff and constables have been placed in schools to help where needed.

WE want to work together with our students and families to get through this truly unique time. We know you may have concerns, and we are here to listen.  WE are asking our parents and guardians to continue supporting our efforts at school by discussing appropriate student behaviors both in school and on social media and talking about social/emotional issues. Reach out to your school leaders, school counselors, or your child’s teacher(s) to discuss your concerns so we can provide direct support to students during the school day.  WE are in this together, as the community of Colonial, to ensure that our students have the school experience that they deserve.

If you have feedback, questions or concerns, please visit