Six teams of administrators, teachers, and staff who have been meeting throughout the summer to discuss instructional options for the safe return to schools spent time visiting several schools in the District last week.  Their goal was to look, and more importantly, get a feel for how things will have to change now that Colonial Nation and the world is facing a “new normal” under COVID-19.  From practicing social distancing on buses and in classrooms, to literally walking the halls as students would during class changes, team members wanted to experience it all.  

Through these meetings, CSD team members considered: 

  • What a student’s day would look like?
  • How will classrooms remain sanitized throughout the day? 
  • How can we reach and teach students behind masks and without personal touch?  
  • How must car lines be adjusted?  
  • How will social distancing be practiced?  
  • What will lunch and recess look like? 
  • What about band, music, and sports?


As we prepare for the safe return to school, you will notice many actions taking place.  Today, a posting went up for Remote Learning Instructors (pre-k through middle school).  We are anticipating that there will be students who do not return to school in the fall (for a variety of reasons) and will need remote learning.  These positions will be used to teach those students.  *High school classes are still being figured out.  This posting is for a “Teacher on Special Assignment”.  As an FYI-”As a teacher on special assignment, you are forfeiting your current placement and assignment.  When this position is completed, you will return to a relevant teaching position; however, it is not guaranteed to be in the one you are currently teaching.”


In the coming week, we will be gathering more targeted information and feedback that allows families to have choice (when possible) for their children at the pre-k, elementary and middle school levels. (Decisions at William Penn and Wallace Wallin are still pending) Parents and guardians will be sent a survey through email that asks for their opinion regarding options and feedback around transportation and learning options.  You will see many notices being posted on our social media and through phone calls to families.