Good afternoon and Happy Friday Colonial Nation!

We want to share the latest on our upcoming referendum.  This past Tuesday, the School Board approved an operating ask of 40¢ per $100 of assessed home value. When approved, this increase will be phased in over three years beginning July 2024, (25¢ year one /10¢ year two / 5¢ in year three).  

This additional operating revenue will be utilized to maintain our investments in: 

  • Recruiting and retaining top-notch educators and support staff.
  • Providing high-quality, relevant professional development.  
  • Constables, SROs, and enhanced security initiatives.
  • Maintaining 1:1 student Chromebooks and other technology investments.
  • Continuing extended learning opportunities and summer programs to strengthen student engagement and accelerate student achievement.

The operating request is in addition to the request for capital funding that we submitted earlier this year.  DOE has allocated over $73 million to us in State funding to improve schools and facilities districtwide. This is 60% of the total cost. 

We MUST provide the remaining 40% ($48.8 million) through the referendum to secure the State’s investment and to receive the state funding. The district will lose the state funds if the referendum fails. 

While our custodial and maintenance teams have done a fantastic job of keeping our buildings in great shape, they cannot take on major renovations.  Colonial schools are, on average, 60 years old and these capital funds are needed for some major upgrades.   

Below is a quick overview of the proposed capital projects:  

  • Replacing aging roofs for several schools
  • Secured vestibule entrances at Wilbur and Southern as well as security enhancements for all schools
  • Athletic field improvements for all three middle schools 
  • A new ADA-compliant multi-sport athletic and program complex at William Penn. 
  • New ADA-compliant playground surfaces and equipment for all elementary schools
  • Parking, roadway & pedestrian improvements for all schools
  • Site drainage & grading for several schools

We know that you will have questions so please utilize this link to ask.  We’ve also provided links to the referendum 101 slides and presentation from the December board meeting.


Jeffrey D. Menzer, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Colonial School District

Christopher A. Piecuch, Sr.
President, Colonial Board of Education