Title/Position: Spanish Teacher

Current school or Department: William Penn High School

Number of Years Teaching/Working in CSD? 30

What schools have you worked in during your time in CSD?
George Read for 5 years at the beginning of my career and the rest have been at Penn.

Why did you become a educator?
I became an educator to share my passion for a language and country that I love.

What are your most noteworthy achievements in your career?
National Board Certified Department Chair
NHS Advisor
CEA Secretary
New Teacher Mentor
Student Teacher Advisor
World Language Teacher Leader Nework member
Teacher of the Year
DeCTFL Board Member
Taking students and colleagues abroad

What’s your best memory from your time in CSD?
My wedding. It was a Christmas time wedding and cherry and black were our colors. Jim Ryan (former horticultureteacher at Penn) did all the flowers, Donna Fesmire was the organist and her Ragtimes singing group sang at the church. And all of this was witnessed by my closest WP/Colonial friends.

What’s something you hope to be remembered for?
My work ethic and willingness to go beyond just my job as a classroom teacher.

What are you looking forward to in retirement?
No grading papers and making lesson plans.

Describe your first day of the school . . . next school year?
I will get my kids on the bus to 9th grade and 7th grade and then maybe go out to breakfast with my husband before he heads to work!

Is there a colleague that has inspired you in your life?
There have been so many colleagues that have inspired me that I couldn’t even name just one.

Who and/or what will you miss most?
I will miss the challenge of reaching students and making an impact on them as they move through their high school years.

What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned from your co-workers?
A former principal told us in a faculty meeting one time, if you come with a problem or a complaint, please bring a possible solution with you. It’s fine to complain but come with a solution that will help solve the issue. I have always thought that was an amazing piece of advice and have often used it within my classroom and home.

What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned from your students?
I learn so many things everyday from my students about being strong, resilient and tolerant.

Describe CSD in one word?

Describe your school in one word?

Describe your colleagues in one word?

Describe your students in one word?

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?
Baker/Pastry Chef

Any final words for the students, staff and families before you retire?
For Students: Take advantage of every opportunity that is offered to you in the Colonial School District. every contact, every service, every support system and every connection because we want you to be successful.

For Families: We are here to serve you and make your children ready for the “real world”. Don’t hesitiate to ask for our help.

For staff: This is not just a job as most have figured out, it’s a calling and not for the faint of heart so hold your heads up and keep doing what you have been called to do.