October 2023 Board of Education Meeting:
October 10th, 2023 at 7 pm

The Board will conduct business in person. Those choosing to attend in person should enter William Penn through the doors to the right of the front entrance and proceed upstairs to the Innovation Center on the left at the top of the stairs.


At the October Board of Education Meeting, WE recognized . . .

– IAN ROBINSON, a 6th grader at Gunning Bedford
Over the summer Ian Robinson, a 6th grader at Gunning Bedford, submitted an entry to One United Bank’s “I Got Bank” financial literacy contest. He had to read the book “I Got Bank”that was written by the bank president and submit either an essay or artwork for consideration of what he learned about financial literacy. His essay submission was a winner! Consequently, he won an $1,000 savings account with the bank – which is one of the few Black-owned banks in the US and we beleive Ian is the first winner from the state of Delaware!

– FOLASHAYO KEHINDE and SERGIO HERRERA, students at William Penn High School
The National College Board has recognized two William Penn students because of their GPA which 3.5 or highers and for their outstanding performance on the PSAT of AP exams. Both can now list this honor on applications to stand out to colleges as they pursue their post graduate dreams. The awardees are:
• Folashayo Kehinde: NAARA- was awarded the National African American Recognition Award
• Sergio Herrera: NHRA- received the National Hispanic Recognition Award

– JULIAN THOMPSON, a fifth-grade student at Wilmington Manor Elementary School.
Julian Thompson, a student at Wilmington Manor, performed an incredible act of kindness and the team at Wickersham Construction. Wickersham Construction is the general contractor working at the Wilmington Manor Gardens Water Treatment Plant project. Unfortunately, theft and vandalism occurred at our jobsite. Several expensive tools and equipment were stolen and assumed to never be found again. He was playing in the woods near his home and discovered our surveying equipment – a $1,500 piece of equipment which was stolen and discarded during the theft occurrence. Julian saw Wickersham’s name on the equipment, searched our name on the internet, and had his grandmother call our office in Lancaster, PA to report what he had found. Our Project Manager, Steve Hess, met with him this week before school to retrieve the equipment. Steve delivered some Wickersham apparel, a gift card, and some gold coins to thank Julian for his efforts.

We are excited that Wilbur Elementary School’s own Dr Dani Asmus has been chosen as one of NEA’s Global Fellows for 2024! As one of 48 public school educators, she will participate in a two-day professional development conference in October and a ten-day international field study in Costa Rica next summer. The field study allows educators to investigate the historical and cultural context of the country they visit and learn about its education system through meetings with policymakers, business and nonprofit leaders, as well as visits to schools to meet teachers, students, and administrators. The fellows will conclude their fellowship with a capstone project that enables their learning to be shared more broadly with educators beyond the program.The 2024 fellows represent the depth and breadth of the teaching profession in urban, rural, and suburban communities. They work at work at elementary, middle, and high schools and teach across a wide array of subjects including visual and performing arts, English as a second language, social studies, special education, and science. More than a third of the fellows are teachers of color. The diversity of this cohort provides a tremendous opportunity for the group to learn from each other.

The Board Meeting Agenda is available online by:




Must be in person so make public comment

A maximum of 3 minutes is allotted. You will be called up when it is your turn to speak.

Members of the public are expected to remain in the designated area for speaking with the Board.  Failure to remain in the designated area may result in the member of the public forfeiting their time to speak with the Board.

This session allows community members to discuss their views on issues and allows but doesn’t obligate Board members to respond within the 3-minute time slot allotted to individual public comment. Administrative staff may be identified and asked to provide follow-up on specific questions after the meeting. The responses from individual Board members do not necessarily reflect the Colonial School District Board of Education’s official position. The opinions and views shared tonight are those of each individual member. If a member of the public has documents to share with the Board they should indicate as such and a member of the executive leadership team will collect the documents and disseminate them to the Board.


Laws protecting the privacy rights of employees and students prohibit Board members from engaging in a discussion of any employee’s performance or qualifications or confidential matters relating to a student. If a Board member violates such statutory rights to privacy, such Board member may be exposed to individual liability. Concerns regarding individuals will not be discussed in the open forum. If you have a personal issue regarding your child(ren), we will help you set up an appointment with the appropriate person to address your needs.