More than 90  members of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) opted to spend an entire day touring the Colonial School District. The NSBA members, some from as far away as Washington State, are attending a national convention in Philadelphia, with Colonial being one selected for a site visit.

“We are thrilled to have 22 states represented here by NSBA members. The secret is out; across the country, people are hearing about the successful and innovative programs that focus on access and opportunities for students,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Peter Leida.

NSBA members toured William Penn and were wowed by what was described as a ‘not your ordinary’ comprehensive high school. Superintendent Dan Troxell, from Leander, Texas said he was especially interested in hearing about Penn Farm, adjacent to William Penn because his district which has 42 schools is also considering building a with a student-run farm just like it.

“It’s an incredibly impressive school district,” said Troxell. “I was very impressed with the wide variety of offerings for students to meet their individual needs, he said.

Dr. Ron Savignano, a school board member from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky was equally impressed. “I have been enamored with the entire process. The Colonial School district is doing fantastic things, everything from William Penn High School to the elementary school we visited,” he said.

The NSBA members toured Eisenberg and Wilbur Elementary Schools, along with George Read and Gunning Bedford Middle Schools. They were blown away by a pop-up musical performance by students at Gunning Bedford where performing arts is the school’s focus. Along with learning about  Colonial’s themed middle schools the NSBA members got a first-hand look at the Wellness Center at Eisenberg, Delaware’s first and only Wellness Center in an elementary school.

“I love it! I’m very impressed with the dedication of the staff, the students and the faculty…very impressed!” said Lynn McBride, a school board member from Westchester, New York.

While Colonial administrators accompanied the NSBA visitors, the school tours were lead by students who seemed to impress the guests the most.