*Media Day*

Wilmington, DE- The students that are enrolled in the 18-22 year old Post Secondary Leach program, called Skills for Transition and Resilience (STAR), will join Titus trainers and professional athletes on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, from 12:45 PM to 1:45 PM to showcase a Colonial School District (CSD) partnership with Titus Sports Academy. Once a week, 32 STAR interns, who range in age from 18-22 and have cognitive and/or physical disabilities, go to Titus for physical workouts and often interact with pro athletes like NFL players Tony Reeder (San Diego Chargers) and Darnell Savage (Green Bay Packers), who will be among those present on Media Day.

“The trips to Titus allow our students to participate in organized physical training and learn more about overall health and wellness. These trips give additional opportunities for our interns and their families to make connections in the community that will help promote healthy lifestyles and living. Titus provides our students with a physical outlet while teaching them about physical fitness and giving them tools that they can use for the rest of their lives,” says Leach Principal Dr. Ginny Schreppler.

With the guidance of specialized teachers and paraprofessionals, STAR interns work in CSD and businesses in the community in various capacities. Some of our community partners are The Legend and Texas Roadhouse restaurants, CSD nutrition services, Republic Service, and East Coast Furniture. While the STAR program is housed at Leach, the local community is considered its classroom. Titus Academy is another community partner that helps STAR interns make smooth transitions into independent living.

We developed the partnership with Titus to afford our STAR interns an opportunity to learn how to care for their bodies as well as engage with others in the community. The staff at Titus does a wonderful job developing individualized workout programs for our interns. In addition to the staff support, our interns have the ability to interact and work out alongside professional athletes. This dynamic is amazing as it builds up confidence, increases self-care knowledge, and provides a unique social experience,” Schreppler says.


About Titus Sports & Human Performance: Titus is built on the principle of athletic development and has trained athletes from hundreds of schools, colleges, and professional teams. Based on the expertise of their staff and their previous training experience and successes, Titus has built a worldwide reputation as a leader in sport and fitness services. Since 2001, Titus coaches are regularly sourced for performance training at collegiate, professional, occupational, and Olympic levels.

Titus Academy is located at 401 Garashes Lane, Wilmington, DE 19801. The facility is adjacent to the 76’ers Fieldhouse.