COVID-19 Operations of Colonial Schools and Offices are guided by the recommendations and guidelines of the Center for Disease Control, Delaware Department of Education and Delaware Department of Public Health. 

Students and staff must wear a face covering until further notice when inside Colonial buildings and on Colonial transportation, regardless of their vaccination status. 

Students and staff are not required to wear face coverings when outdoors.  

Students and staff should keep a distance of 3 feet between individuals when possible.

Students and staff should continue with routine testing, especially if unvaccinated.

Families will be receiving an invitation for students to participate in free weekly COVID-19 testing at their school.

Positive individuals must isolate/quarantine following protocols from Delaware Department of Public Health. 

Close contacts without symptoms of illness may not need to quarantine if they have proof of vaccination.

Colonial will maintain increased ventilation on buses and buildings.

Families are asked to report positive and close contact cases to their school nurse. Colonial will report positive cases to the school community. 

Please keep in mind that all of our decisions are based on the information available to us now and can change at any time.  We continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in our community, our available staff, and our building preparedness.  If any of this information changes, we need to be able to adjust these plans to keep everyone as safe as possible.

For the most updated CDC guidance, visit 
For State of Delaware updates, visit