WE want to address some of the issues surrounding transportation today on our first day back. Several factors contributed to significant delays in getting our kids to and from school for our first day back:

  • WE had a significant increased number of car riders which led to longer than normal wait times for pickup and drop off
      • We are reviewing our procedures and looking for ways to improve this immediately.
  • WE had issues with busing delays
    • As is normal for the first few days of school, we had some issues with timing and delays. We are working on our procedures with our school staff and our transportation staff to find where we can improve.
  • WE had a tremendous amount of rain, thunder and dangerous lightning at dismissal time. Our staff worked diligently to assist students getting out of the buildings during the storm, onto buses and into cars. This process took more time than anyone could have anticipated.
  • WE will make a greater effort to use social media, text messages and phone calls to communicate with families.

    • During the upcoming days and weeks ahead, we will improve our forecasting regarding delays and communicate them as soon as possible.
    • To make sure you receive updates:

It is important for you to know we recognize the issues from today and our goal is to address each as we move forward, as well as better communicate with our families as situations arise. We thank everyone for their patience, your feedback and we hear your frustrations. As always we will continue to remain transparent, work with our families to make these experiences as seamless as possible.