Colonial Families,

Our Safe Return to School Workgroups swiftly picked up the work from the summer and have been planning a safe return for our students and staff. We have opted for a phased-in approach. This approach allows us to accommodate all of the challenges that each student group faces but does not hold up any one group from returning timely.   Below you will find an overview of the phases for in-person learning. The dates are listed as ‘anticipated’ as we will continue evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on our local community. Any changes will not move the timeline up sooner, it would only delay the implementation of a phase. Families that have requested to return to in-person learning will receive all relevant information, including transportation details, prior to their return date, our goal is to give at least two weeks notice to families.

Anticipated Student Return Dates – Students that have opted in for in-person learning

Phase 1 – 10/22/20 

  • Integration A at Southern, George Read, and William Penn; Communication and Social Learning (CASL) at Southern, Intensive Learning Center (ILC) at Southern

Phase 2 – 10/29/20

  • Leach, Adult Integration at Leach, Colwyck Pre-K Program

Phase 3 – 11/9/20

  • All Elementary Schools, Intensive Learning Center (ILC) at Gunning Bedford, Communication and Social Learning (CASL) at Gunning Bedford, Integration B at George Read, Identified Classes at William Penn High School

Phase 4 – 11/30/20 

  • Middle Schools, Wallace Wallin Intensive Learning Center (ILC), William Penn High Integration B

*The majority of William Penn High School will continue virtual learning throughout the remainder of the first semester (January 29, 2021). The anticipated decision for the 2nd Semester will be communicated to families prior to winter break.

If you are a family that is remaining in our Colonial Virtual Academy, we will continue to provide high-quality learning experiences for your child.

Please keep in mind that all of the information above is based on the information available to us now and can change at any time.  We continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in our community, our available staff, and our building preparedness and if any of this information changes, we need to be able to change these plans to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We’d like to thank the Colonial Community for their continued support!