Colonial School District Equity Survey

The Colonial School District (CSD) has been taking a look at how to ensure there is equity among our students and staff. This ongoing effort includes an equity audit process that requires your feedback.  The process will include the completion of surveys by stakeholders, focus group interviews, audits of curriculum and policies/procedures, and classroom visits. During the audit process the feedback of our stakeholders is important.  The data collected will allow us to adjust our practices to ensure that we change the odds for students! 

Please take the time to complete the survey that best fits you, which is linked below. Students will be surveyed as well at the discretion of the building principal during the school day. Parent surveys will close on Monday March 14, 2022. 

Colonial School District Equity Focus Group

Our district is participating in an audit process to identify ways to ensure our policies, practices, and outcomes are more equitable for all students and adults. In addition to reviewing data and surveying groups of students and staff, our auditors would like the opportunity to discuss issues of equity in greater detail with small groups. This important information will be used to create an equity plan that improves experiences for all students and adults in the district.


Interested individuals must complete this form ( by Friday, March 14, 2022. Although an individual may volunteer to be a part of the focus group, identified members will be randomly selected to participate. Selected individuals will be notified with more details.