What WE are doing 

Greetings, Colonial Nation! 

WE are continuing to take steps to limit the spread of the mumps outbreak impacting two of our schools and wanted to update our students, staff and community about the measures WE are taking. 

  • Transportation 
    • We have increased supplies and instituted protocols for daily, scheduled cleaning of all Colonial Buses 
  • Schools 
    • We are putting in place educational handwashing signage throughout schools to promote and inform students of good hand washing practices. 
    • We are instituting upgrades in cleaning protocols and cleaning agents in all Elementary Schools. 
    • We are adjusting the lunch schedules in the affected Secondary Schools to allow for more time to clean in between lunch periods and have also instituted upgrades in cleaning protocols and cleaning agents. 
    • The custodial staff are doubling their efforts to routinely disinfect the affected schools. 

Many individuals from multiple divisions and departments as well parents have come together quickly to offer effective, efficient and creative approaches to limit the spread of Mumps in Colonial. 

This is truly a community effort and an example of The Power of WE! 

Anyone who has questions about the Mumps should contact their primary care provider or DPH at 1-888-295-5156.