This week our nation has again been rocked by violence and innocent people of color have lost their lives. Once again, we as Americans must question how much institutional racism played a part in what occurred in Atlanta.

On March 16th, a horrific act claimed the lives of eight individuals, six of whom were Asian women. This unspeakable tragedy coupled with an alarming rise in the violence and aggression towards Asian Americans has had a significant impact on our Asian American community. 

In Colonial, we will continue to strive every day to build a staff and student population that is inclusive and accepting to all, condemning violence where we find it, and supporting victims in times such as this.

WE strongly denounce the violence that took place in Georgia and extend our condolences to the families and all Asian and Pacific Islanders as we  share their pain.

To all of our Asian American and Pacific Islander students, parents, families, community members, and staff, WE see you. WE stand with you.