The Colonial School District Administration has established a 4-pronged approach to maintain transparency regarding the projects that were funded through the approval of the February 29th capital referendum along with other major/minor capital projects.

The four prongs address the following areas:

  • Education of Terminology/Timeline of Capital Projects
  • Monitoring of the work through the establishment of a Facilities Committee (Similar construct to the Citizen Finance Oversight Committee), which will meet monthly and provide the board with updates as needed.
  • Inform the Board and community of action items related to the projects through a specific identifier/code on the agenda.
  • Update the Board and community through quarterly reports during monthly Board meetings.

July 2024

For clarification, these projects below were not funded through the referendum. These were previously scheduled construction projects that we are sharing with the community. 

Education – The Board was presented with Policy 608 – Change Order Process for a first read. 608 – Construction Change Orders.pdf

Update – Please see Construction Update – as of 7-2-2044 for photos that highlight our 2024 Summer construction projects across the District. District Administration will entertain questions during the meeting.

  • William Penn Lobby Bathrooms
  • Bus Yard at Operations Center
  • Whole School Painting and Library Remodel at New Castle Elementary
  • Roof at Gunning Bedford
  • Auditorium at McCullough

Construction Updates – as of 7-2-2024 (1).pdf