New Castle, DE- The Colonial School District today announces the opening of four (4) satellite Elementary Wellness Centers at Wilmington Manor, Pleasantville, New Castle, and Carrie Downie Elementary Schools. Colonial remains the first public school district to open Elementary Wellness Centers in the state of Delaware.

Last April, Eisenberg Elementary School opened a full-scale center with services provided by Life Health Center (LHC) in partnership with Nemours. The four smaller satellite centers were opened after LHC hired additional health care professionals to meet the needs of students in the above-named schools. All of the centers will offer physical health care services otherwise not provided by a traditional school nurse which include, among other things, diagnosis and treatment of acute medical conditions, prescribing and dispensing medications, and immunizations by a licensed nurse practitioner. Pediatric behavioral and social service counseling is also offered to students and their families. In addition to in-kind donations of medical equipment and furniture, Nemours provides video conferencing between its healthcare staff, LHC and clients at the schools, as well as the parents. Dr. Jonathan Miller, Director of Primary Care Pediatrics for Nemours, serves as the medical director for all of the centers.  LHC accepts insurance and provides assistance to those who do not have it so no one is ever turned away due to a lack of health insurance.

The four satellite centers will open on a limited hourly and daily basis, and come at no expense to the Colonial School District which only found additional space in each school so LHC services could be provided.

“We knew we could not stop with the Eisenberg Wellness Center because we have so many students in need of services. In Colonial, we believe physical and behavioral health care must be met when children are young so any issues that could interrupt their education are addressed sooner rather than later in a holistic approach,” said Superintendent Dr. Dusty Blakey.

The schools, all in New Castle, are located at the following addresses:

  • Wilmington Manor- 200 E. Roosevelt Ave.
  • Pleasantville- 16 Pleasant St.
  • New Castle- 903 Delaware St.
  • Carrie Downie- 1201 Delaware St.