For many years the 18-21 program in The Colonial School District has been called The Adult Integration Program.  Feeling refreshed and renewed for the start of a new school year, we decided to make some updates. We are proud to announce The STAR Program (Skills for Transition And Resilience)

The goals of The STAR Program are to: 

  • Deliver vocational and independent living skill instruction that will enable young adults to transition into adult living and to be contributing members of their community, as well as active participants in all aspects of life. 
  • We also strive to provide all students with opportunities to gain the skills necessary to meet or exceed the demands of the current job market. 



The “Interns” are students ages 18-21 that have completed their academic program at William Penn.  With the guidance of specialized teachers and paraprofessionals, these STAR interns:

  • Work in CSD Nutrition cafeterias 5 days a week doing lunch delivery to classrooms, basic meal prep, preparing snacks, and more.
  • Work in classrooms at the Colonial Early Education Program as teacher aides and playground monitors as well helping set up playground equipment.
  • Run a coffee cart business- serving coffee of all varieties, made to order, with all the extras.  
  • Participate in targeted skill development activities focused on budgeting, interviewing skills, social skills, healthy social/emotional well-being, healthy relationships, and more.

The program is housed at the John G Leach School but considers the local community to be its classroom. If you would like more information about the star program, please contact Beth Murray at