We are excited to announce that Michelle Reutter, from the John G. Leach School, has been named the 2024 Colonial School District Teacher of the Year!

Michelle has taught in Colonial for the last seven years but found her home five years ago at the John G. Leach School where she has been named the 2024 Teacher of the Year. Reutter fell in love with teaching while “playing” school with her cousin Christopher who has an intellectual disability. “He was the one who encouraged me to become a teacher for students with special needs. I saw the positive impact that Christopher’s teachers had on him, and I wanted to be able to do the same for other students with disabilities.” For the last two years, Reutter has been a teacher for Colonial’s STAR program, that’s Skills for Transition and Resilience. STAR Students are between the ages of 18-22 and need to be prepared to work and live as independently as they can in the outside world with help from Reutter. “ My goal is to support students and help them reach their highest potential. By empowering my students, my hope is to help them find their voice to advocate for themselves and achieve their highest potential despite obstacles one faces. This is a view I hold for all students, regardless of ability.” Reutter works hard to maintain a positive atmosphere in her classroom adding, “When you have this strong foundation, teaching them the skills they need to be more independent is easier because we have built a relationship based on trust and this makes the student feel comfortable to take chances and allows them to put themselves into vulnerable situations as they continue to learn and grow… I love my students and the work we do here at Leach; I feel proud to be able to highlight our unified efforts to be the best we can be!”

We congratulate Michelle and all of our building-level nominees.

  • Carrie Downie Elem: Margaret Murray
  • Castle Hills Elem: Erin Sanna
  • Eisenberg Elem: Emily Mallon
  • New Castle Elem: Javana Rhodes
  • Pleasantville Elem: Angela Jackson
  • Southern Elem: Katrina Gopez
  • Wilbur Elem: Courtney McVey
  • Wilmington Manor Elem: Emily Cooper
  • Colonial Virtual Program: Leanne Redrow
  • George Read Middle: Amy Rapp
  • Gunning Bedford Middle: April Bullen
  • McCullough Middle: Paige Morris
  • William Penn High: Zachary Watchilla
  • Colonial Early Education Program: Marissa Ranauto