On May 25th, 2018 the John G. Leach school held its annual Graduation ceremony for 2 distinguished graduates from the class of 2018. Bryanna Parsons and S. Mathew Young were both celebrated for their achievements during their time at the Leach school. Classmates, teachers, parents, and administrators were on hand to honor these students and wish them well on future endeavors. 
During her time at Leach, Bryanna enjoyed vocational tasks such as baking and gift bag making while amusing her teachers with various hilarious antics during the school day. While unfortunately, she could not attend the graduation ceremony, Bryanna strutted her stuff at the Leach Prom this year and was named Prom Queen.
Mathew has grown by leaps and bounds during his time at lech. A major fixture inside and outside the building, Matt can always be found in a variety of places during the school day. Either keeping busy working on gift bags for the Shoppes at Leach or sharing his infectious smile with everyone he comes in contact with, he is undoubtedly a school favorite. Not to be outdone, Matt was named this year’s Prom King at the Leach Prom and danced the day away with several teachers, classmates and family members.
Congratulations to both Bryanna and Matt and we hope they stay in touch. Once a Colonial, Always a Colonial!