BTS 2020 Dates

School Year Dates

  • THE NEW 1st day for 10 month instructional staff will be August 24, 2020.
  • THE NEW 1st day for students will be September 8, 2020

While the new first day is September 8, 2020, not all students will begin at the same time.  While all students will begin the year learning remotely, a staggered start will be implemented.  Please see the schedule below to determine when your student will officially begin school. 

Students with the last name beginning with A to L

  • 9/8/20-1st Day
  • 9/9/20-2nd Day

Students with the last name beginning with M to Z

  • 9/10/20-1st Day
  • 9/11/20-2nd Day
  • 9/14/20 -All Students Report to School 

Other important dates:

  • 6/4/21 – Last Day Seniors
  • 6/11/21 – Last Day Pre-K to 11
  • 6/16/21 – All Staff PD Last Paraprofessional Day
  • 6/17/21 – Teacher PD-Last Teacher Day

Material and Device Pickup

If your student is still in need of school supplies (paper, pencils, or books)  you can visit your child’s school office to pick them up.  They will arrange a date and time to get the materials or a device you need this week from your child’s school:

If you did not get your materials, please contact your child’s school (secretary or principal) to let them know to make arrangements.

Need a Device? 
If your student is in need of a new device, a replacement device or needs help with devices please visit:

Principal Contacts

Carrie Downie – Doug Timm:
Castle Hills – Janissa Nuneville:
Eisenberg – Dave Distler:
New Castle – Teray Ross:
Pleasantville – Amina Baaith:
Southern – Jeff Gibeault:
Wilbur – Beth Howell:
Wilmington Manor – Lindsay DiEmidio:
George Read – Nick Wolfe:
Gunning Bedford- Dan Bartnik:
McCullough- Bill Johnston:
Leach – Kristina Lamia:
Colwyck Pre-K – Katrina Daniels:
Wallin – Kevin White:
William Penn – Lisa Brewington: