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Middle School Redesign

The Future of Our Middle Schools

In an on-going effort to prepare students for the challenges of high school and beyond, the Colonial School District is redesigning our three existing middle schools.

The Goal: 
The redesign will increase student engagement by providing a hands-on, relevant, and inquiry-based approach to learning.  Theme schools cultivate student interests and talents while building a sense of community and school spirit. The middle school redesign furthers the district’s mission to prepare every student to be college and career ready.

The middle school redesign plan will:

  • Expand upon William Penn’s 19 college and career degree programs.
  • Foster unique themes at each middle school.
  • Focus on the robust expectations of the Common Core State Standards 21st-century learning and technology innovation.
  • Include educators, students, parents and community stakeholders in the planning process.

George Read

• Agriculture
• Culinary
• Marketing
• Accounting
• Science

Gunning Bedford

• Graphic Design
• Digital Media
• Information Technology
• Visual & Performing Arts
• Gaming & Coding


• Science
• Technology
• Engineering
• Arts
• Math


Why theme schools?

Theme schools attract students based on their interests and abilities. They offer families a choice in selecting an educational program designed to provide enriching experiences and equitable opportunities for all students. Themes will be added to the already strong programs at each school, giving your child an opportunity to build on their foundation of reading, writing, and math. Theme schools give options to our families who may be looking for more educational opportunities within our district.

Do I have to choice my child?

Current feeder patterns will not change. If your child wishes to attend a middle school outside of his or her feeder pattern, you will need to complete a choice application during the Delaware Choice window.

Does this mean you are cutting programs at schools?

Our intent is to align the programming to the theme of the school. Programs may be enhanced or modified to support the theme. All schools will still offer traditional courses.

Will transportation be provided if I choice to another middle school?

If a family chooses a school outside of their normal feeder pattern for the 2016-17 school year, transportation will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Colonial School District does not currently provide transportation for any choice options.

Will my child have the option to change their theme?

Yes. Your child will be able to change/choice into other theme middle schools each year. Your child’s middle school theme(s) will not affect their option to choose a different theme for their high school pathway.