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Social Studies

The goals of the George Read social studies department is to promote a love of lifelong learning, prepare our students for a life of good citizenship, and develop an appreciation for the history of us. This is done through grade level units that focus on the core disciplines of geography, history, economics and civics.  Each grade level teaches four units of study that encompass several major concepts and the geography of a specific region in the world. Teachers follow all Social Studies State Standards as well as the Colonial School District Pacing Guides. State Standards can be found on the DOE website, www.doe.k12.de.us.  Pacing Guides may be obtained from social studies teachers.

Sixth Grade Units
Seventh Grade Units
Eighth Grade Units
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Sixth grade units of study include the following:

Unit 1 – Geography focusing on Oceania

Unit 2 – History focusing on North Africa and the Middle East

Unit 3 – Civics focusing on South Africa and Human Rights

Unit 4 – Economics focusing on China

The textbook used is Horizons-World Regions published by Harcourt.


Seventh grade units of study include the following:

Unit 1 – History: Students research a topic that required them to analyze and use primary and secondary sources of information.  The region of study is Europe.

Unit 2 – Economics:  Students participate in activities involving international trade.  The geographic region studied is Meso-America.

Unit 3 – Civics:  Students learn about the governments of the United States and Canada.  Using this knowledge, students participate in Project Citizen by actively communicating with their elected official in an attempt to solve a community related problem.  Student study the geography of the United States and Canada in this unit.

Unit 4 – Geography:  Students study the geography of South America with a focus on regions.

The textbook used is Horizons – World Regions by Harcourt.


Eight grade units of study include the following:

Unit 1 – Economics focusing on Colonial Times

Unit 2 – Civics focusing on the Constitution.

Unit 3 – History focusing on Early Nations.

Unit 4 – Geography focusing on Westward Expansion.

The textbook used is American Nation published by Harcourt.


Other lessons that are taught celebrate Constitution Day, Geography Awareness Week, Veterans Day, Black History and Memorial Day.



There are many websites that students and parents can use. The sites listed below have been investigated and are currently active. Many have quizzes which allow students to test themselves, prepare presentations and projects, investigate a topic, and play games.