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Transportation: (302) 323-2851

Colonial School District
Administration Building
318 E. Basin Road
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2700
Fax: (302) 323-2748
Transportation: (302) 323-2851

Middle and High Schools

William Penn High School
713 E. Basin Road
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2800
Fax: (302) 323-2955

Calvin R. McCullough Middle
20 Chase Avenue
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 429-4000
Fax: (302) 429-4005

Gunning Bedford Middle
801 Cox Neck Road
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 832-6280
Fax: (302) 834-6729

George Read Middle School
314 E. Basin Road
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2760
Fax: (302) 323-2763

 Elementary Schools

Carrie Downie Elementary

1201 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2926
Fax: (302) 323-2929

Castle Hills Elementary
502 Moores Lane
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2915
Fax: (302) 323-2921

New Castle Elementary
903 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2880
Fax: (302) 323-2897

Harry O. Eisenberg Elementary
27 Landers Lane
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 429-4074
Fax: (302) 429-4081

Kathleen H. Wilbur Elementary
4050 Wrangle Hill Road
Bear, DE 19701
Phone: (302) 832-6330
Fax: (302) 832-6335

Pleasantville Elementary
16 Pleasant Place
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2935
Fax: (302) 323-2943

Southern Elementary
795 Cox Neck Road
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 832-6300
Fax: (302) 832-6305

Wilmington Manor Elementary
200 E. Roosevelt Avenue
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2901
Fax: (302) 323-2908

Special Schools


John G. Leach School
10 Landers Lane
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 429-4055
Fax: (302) 429-4057

The Wallin School
701 E. Basin Road
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 323-2952
Fax: (302) 323-2787

The Colwyck Center
12 Landers Lane,
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 429-4085

Administration and Support

D. Dusty Blakey, Ed. D.

D. Dusty Blakey, Ed. D.


D. Dusty Blakey, Ed.D. was named as the Superintendent of the Colonial School District on June 26, 2014. Prior to his appointment as Superintendent, Dr. Blakey served as a Director of Schools for Colonial. His other administrative duties during his 13 year tenure with the district have included Assistant Principal and Deputy Principal at William Penn High School; Principal at Gunning Bedford Middle School; and Director of Personnel. Prior to joining Colonial, Dr. Blakey taught in the New Castle County Vocational Technical School District and was an administrator with the Caesar Rodney School District. Dr. Blakey received his undergraduate degree from Morgan State University; masters degree from the University of Delaware in Educational Leadership, and doctorate in Administration and Public Policy from the University of Delaware.

Jeffrey D. Menzer, Ed.D.

Jeffrey D. Menzer, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Menzer began his career at William Penn High School in 1991 as an “at-risk” teacher in a federally funded drop out prevention program. Following that experience, he joined the Social Studies Department, teaching Civics and US History. In 1994, he began a new role as Student Advisor. Spending 5 years in this role, he taught life skills classes to potential dropouts, coordinated after-school and summer programs, and led teacher focus groups around a variety of issues. In 1999, he became an assistant principal at George Read Middle School, returning to WPHS in 2001 as an assistant principal. In January 2004, he continued his leadership journey as the principal at Gunning Bedford Middle School, eventually returning to William Penn as Principal in June of 2005. In July 2014, after a 9-year principalship at William Penn, he became a Director of Schools in the Colonial School District. and in July 2019 he began in a new role as an Assistant Superintendent.

 Jeff and his wife Shelly have been married for 24 years and enjoy spending time with their four children: Jake,  Alec, Emma, and Kate.

Pete Leida, Ed.D.

Pete Leida, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent

Pete Leida graduated from the University of Delaware and, immediately, launched into his teaching career in Colonial. He later earned his Master’s in Educational Leadership from Wilmington University and began his administrative career working as an elementary assistant and principal in 3 different schools over 11 years. Dr. Leida began in the role of Director of Elementary Schools in Summer 2012, which was focused on leadership development, support, and evaluation of school leaders. Additionally, he held a variety of responsibilities and chaired or co-chaired several district committees and workgroups. He is responsible for the successful implementation of the Empowering Educators to Excel (E3) grant and the various projects associated with the grant. In July 2018, Dr. Leida was promoted to Assistant Superintendent. While still coordinating the E3 grant, he is also responsible for supporting the work of the Curriculum and Instruction, Schools, and Technology Divisions.

Superintendent’s Office

Dolan (Dusty) Blakey, Ed.D.
(302) 323-2710

Assistant Superintendent
Jeffrey Menzer, Ed.D.
(302) 323-2716

Assistant Superintendent
Peter Leida, Ed.D.
(302) 323-2716

Administrative Office Specialist
Marybeth Russell
(302) 323-2710

Public Information Officer
Lauren Wilson
(302) 323-2753

Strategic Marketing Officer
Gabriel Phillips
(302) 323-2700

Angela Ferrante
(302) 323-2873

Visiting Teachers
Samuel Anderson
Edward Stephan

Nutrition Services
Information on school meals

Paula Angelucci
(302) 323-2743

Nutrition Specialist
Amanda Coen, RD, SNS
(302) 323-2743

Scott Schuster
(302) 323-2743

Operations Manager
Tammy Roop
(302) 323-2743

Operations Coordinator
Renee Elliott
(302) 323-2743

Laura Nichols
(302) 323-2743

Division of Schools 
Information on all the schools

Director – Secondary Schools
James Comegys
(302) 323-2716

Director – Elementary Schools
Nikki Jones
(302) 323-2716

Maureen Leary
(302) 323-2716

Division of Human Resources
Information on job applications, availability

Elizabeth Fleetwood
(302) 323-2712

Rebecca Stilwell
Mary Jo Lemon
Jeanne Campbell
(302) 323-2712

Leave Coordinator
Debbie Ide
(302) 323-2715

Payroll & Benefits
Deldra Gregory-Colvin
(302) 323-2732

Shelly Vincent
(302) 323-2712

Barbara Brokaw
(302) 323-2700

Division of Business
Information on finance, taxes, purchasing and technology

Chief Financial Officer
Emily Falcon
(302) 323-2729

Erin Guerke
(302) 323-2818

Administrative Secretary
Lisa Porter
(302) 323-2818

FSF/Accounts Payable
Cindy Miller
Leslie Papanicolas
Krystin Bowen
(302) 323-2738

Valerie Shinn
(302) 323-2734

Douglas Smythe
(302) 323-2729

Division of Curriculum and Instruction

Information on curriculum, assessment and professional development

Sherrie Clark
(302) 323-2727

Supervisor – Math
Crystal LancourEd.D.
(302) 323-2728

Supervisor –Social Studies, Science, Visual Arts, Health/Physical Education, Title 1, Advanced Placement/Gifted and Talented
Nicholas Baker, Ed.D.
(302) 323-2728

Supervisor – Instructional Technology
Tom Gavin

Specialist – English/Language Arts
Katie Gutowski

Debbie Wise
(302) 323-2726

Michelle “Laura” Becker
(302) 323-2727

Patricia Shelton
(302) 323-2728

Division of Operations
Information on building operations, nutrition services and transportation

Karen Gilbert
(302) 323-2719

Ted Lambert
(302) 323-2719

Operations Specialist
Dave Evans Jr.
(302) 323-2746

Maintenance Specialist
James Evans
(302) 323-2719

Lisa Amoroso
(302) 323-2743

Patsy Schiller
(302) 323-2719

Drew Moffett
302) 323-2851