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Empowering Leaders, Learners, & Problem-Solvers

Colonial School District employs a comprehensive and coherent mathematics curriculum that includes the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), a core curriculum resource within each grade band, Math Instructional Routines, online resources to personalize  learning, and several math intervention resources.

K-5 Curriculum

Investigation in Number, Data and Space (Gr 1-2)
Investigations 3 in Number, Data and Space (Gr K, 3,4-5)

Inquiry-Based Mathematics where students actively explore mathematical ideas to develop understanding and fluency. They collaborate, investigate, and take part in problem-based learning. 

How do I help my child become a leader, learner, & problem solver?

6-8 Curriculum

Connected Mathematics (CMP3)

Inquiry-Based Instruction That Connects Mathematical Ideas Connected Mathematics 3, or CMP3, is an inquiry-based mathematics program for Grades 6-8. It helps students actively focus on math problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, representation, and connections. These math practices require students to look deeper and connect problem-solving to practical situations. Funded in part by the National Science Foundation, and developed through Michigan State University, CMP3 provides a powerful inquiry model for learning mathematics. Connect mathematical ideas to students’ everyday world.


How do I help my child become a leader, learner, & problem solver?

9-12 Curriculum

Open Up Resources (OUR)

Open Up High School Math is the only high school mathematics curriculum with every lesson structured around the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions (Smith & Stein, 2018) and is built to foster rich discussion and deep, conceptual understanding. This complete three-year high school curriculum is built upon the Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction Framework to meet the expectations of College and Career Ready Standards. Real World connections occur regularly, engaging students in meaningful sense-making and problem solving as a foundation for understanding mathematical procedures. Selecting, Sequencing, and Connecting charts that guide teachers in using and advancing student thinking to reach lesson goals. Overarching guidance and embedded alignment is provided to highlight the Effective Teaching Practices (NCTM, 2014) and the CCSSM Standards for Mathematical Practice. Retrieval problems at the beginning of every Ready, Set, Go provide guidance for distributed practice problems students will explore in the Ready and Go sections. Materials support the professional learning of teachers, both content and pedagogy. Instructional routines and Jump Starts engage students in the content of the lesson and promote meaningful dialogue.

Differentiated to Meet the Needs of All Students

  • Low-threshold, high ceiling tasks allow all students full participation in the mathematics of the standards.
  • Enrichment opportunities are distributed throughout the curriculum as natural extensions of the mathematics.
  • Supports for Students with Disabilities embedded to promote access for all students
  • Embedded signature mathematical language routines (MLRs) and language opportunities offer detailed guidance for developing students into mathematical thinkers and promoting mathematical literacy for all students.

Online programs

DreamBox Learning

“Highest-quality, research-based K-8 math lessons empower students to master key math concepts. With the power to deliver millions of individualized learning paths, DreamBox individually tailors every math lesson and ensures that students work in their optimal learning zone. A math learning curriculum that connects to coming assessments, it effectively builds conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and college and career readiness.” (DreamBox Website)



We utilize DreamBox in grades K-8 to build conceptual understanding of essential math concepts. This programs meet students where they are in their learning and support them in meeting their individual math learning needs.

Students will make the most progress by completing between 5-8 lessons per week.

How to Access

Students can play DreamBox at home by logging into their student portal

Parents & Families can access DreamBox by going to

Please contact your child’s teacher for login information.

ST Math

ST Math starts by teaching the foundational concepts visually, then connects the ideas to the symbols and language. With visual learning, students are better equipped to tackle unfamiliar math problems, recognize patterns, and build conceptual understanding. Without language barriers, the problem is accessible to all students, regardless of skill level or language background.” (ST Math website)



We utilize ST Math in grades K-8 to strengthen students’ math understanding through problem-solving.

Students will make the most progress by playing ST Math for at least 90 min per week.

How to Access
Students can play ST Math at home by logging into their ST Math account at home:

Imagine Math

“ Imagine Math is a research-based math intervention system designed to support students who are struggling with mathematics. The program transitions students to the rigor of the Common Core State Standards and prepares them for Algebra and beyond.” (Imagine Math Website)



We utilize Imagine Math in grades 9-12 to deepen understanding of essential math concepts. This program meets students where they are in their learning and supports them in meeting their individual math learning needs with a personalized learning experience. Imagine Math uses benchmark data to customize lessons for students based on their learning needs.

Students will make the most progress by playing Imagine Math for at least 60 min and completing at least 2 lessons per week. All student are encouraged to use Imagine Math both at school and home.


How to Access

Please contact your child’s math teacher for login information.