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Behavioral Support Professional of the Year

2023 Behavioral Support Professional of the Year

A BHP Award is given to a school employee whose position is health care practitioner or social or human services provider who offers services for the purpose of improving an individual’s mental health, such as
• School counselors • School social workers • Licensed clinical social workers • school psychologists • School nurses

Devon Stockton, LPCMH

2023 Behavioral Health Professional of the Year
School Therapist, George Read Middle School

In 2021, the Delaware State Behavioral Health Professional of the Year Program was established under House Bill 35 of the 151st General Assembly. The Delaware Department of Education drafted Regulation 239 to implement the program and establish policies and procedures for the award. The first state winner will be selected in June 2022 to serve as the 2023 Delaware Behavioral Health Professional of the Year.

Please join us in recognizing Devon Stockton, LPCMH as Colonial’s 2023 Behavioral Health Professional of the Year.  Devon was described by her colleagues as being “thoughtful about the needs of our staff, students and community.”  Devon has demonstrated a commitment to supporting the behavioral health needs of the students and staff in her building as well as promoting equity for all students and staff both at George Read and across Colonial Nation.  We are excited to have Devon represent Colonial in Delaware’s Behavioral Health Professional of the Year Program.

Congratulations to all of our staff who were nominated:

  • Dr. Andrew Capone, William Penn High School
  • Ariana Salter, Carrie Downie Elementary School
  • Carolina Arias Sanchez, William Penn High School
  • Chimezie Akunne, Wallin School
  • Christina MacKercher, Colonial Teacher Learning Center
  • Debi Kelly, Southern Elementary School
  • Devon Stockton, George Read Middle School
  • Donna Robinson, Pleasantville Elementary School
  • Erin Miller, William Penn High School
  • Gloria Huynh-ba, William Penn High School
  • Heidi Hildick, Leach School
  • Jay Green, McCullough Middle School
  • Jean Boyer, Wallin School
  • Jenee Walker, Colonial District Office
  • ​​Jessica Smith, George Read Middle School
  • Jignasa Wedell, Pleasantville Elementary School
  • Kay Currier, William Penn High School
  • Kelly Soliman, William Penn High School
  • Keri Young, George Read Middle School
  • Kim Reid, Castle Hills Elementary School
  • Latoya Furrowh, William Penn High School
  • Lisa Gale, Southern Elementary School
  • Lori Yacucci, Wilbur Elementary School
  • Molly Perdue, Eisenberg Elementary School
  • Sarah Hoffman, New Castle Elementary School
  • Saul Montanez, Wilmington Manor Elementary School
  • Shaheda Pine, Gunning Bedford Middle School
  • Shannon Potter, William Penn High School
  • Tonya Bailey-Smiley, McCullough Middle School
  • Tracey Tilghman, William Penn High School