As we are preparing our reopening plans, we need to gather more targeted information and feedback that allows families to have a choice (when possible) for their children at the pre-k, elementary and middle school levels. (Decisions at William Penn and Wallace Wallin are still pending and will be communicated to those schools in the coming week).

Our school-based teams have been hard at work and we need your feedback on which of the following two options would work best for your Colonial student for the upcoming school year.

Here are the two options:

Remote Learning (at home)
In order to offer families the opportunity for remote learning, we have developed a more robust remote learning plan and approach that mirrors the high-quality instructional and learning expectations of face to face learning for students and staff.
• This learning option is at home or from a non-Colonial location.
• Students will be expected to actively participate each day in both Zoom and independent digital activities.
• The schedule and plan for expectations vary as appropriate for the developmental age of students.
• Regular attendance and grading of assignments are part of the expectations for participation.
• If selected, students are enrolled for and committed to that option for at least the 1st semester of the school year. They will not be allowed to switch options for that semester.

Face to Face Learning (in Colonial School Building)
We understand that sending your child back to school is a difficult decision and we cannot emphasize enough that the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. We will be following the Delaware Department of Education guidelines in regard to social distancing, PPE, cleaning, and safety measures. We envision school looking a lot different in the fall than it has in the past. Students that opt into face to face instruction
• Will be required to follow the guidelines prescribed based on their age and special needs.
• Students will be placed in cohorts and have limited movement throughout the building. This would reduce their contact with multiple staff members.
• Students would be spaced out appropriately in classrooms and staff would be wearing appropriate PPE.
• Class sizes will be adjusted to comply with the distancing regulations provided by DOE.
• All shared areas of the building would be off-limits for students and hallway movement would be limited.
• Students would continue to receive their typical instruction as usual in the classroom.
• Exploratory classes will be adjusted and look different than previously.
• Transportation will be available to students following guidelines such as 1 child per seat to ensure safety.

Now that you have had an opportunity to review the options for the fall, the next step in this process is for us to gather more information from you.
Step 1:
Please visit and complete the form for your Colonial student or students by Wednesday, July 22nd.
Step 2: In August, you will be contacted to confirm your choice.
Thank you and please stay safe this summer!