Thank you to all students and families for the positive response to our staff videos!  We hope you learned a new life skills while participating in remote learning.  All videos are available on GB’s YouTube channel!

Attention Gunning Bedford families, are you tired of hearing:

  • “What do we have to eat?”
  • “Why do I have to read because this isn’t real school?”
  • “What else do we have to eat?”
  • “You have to watch this video on TikTok!”
  • “I know I just had a snack 10 minutes ago but I’m still hungry! What else do we have to eat?”
  • “I’m bored.”

If you have heard all of those statements at least once during the shelter in place mandate, the staff at Gunning Bedford is here to help you maintain your sanity!  We are going to begin providing additional learning opportunities to our students that will not focus on academics. Rather they will focus on the skills our students need to eventually become independent adults.  Starting this week will be posting videos of our staff members demonstrating life skills such as chopping vegetables, writing checks, folding fitted sheets, making sausage gravy, sewing a button, and the list goes on.  Have your child watch the videos and follow the instructions to complete some of these activities around the house.

Previous demonstrations include: