Main: (302) 323-2935 • Transportation: (302) 323-2851

**Due to the current and continuous conditions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, information provided is subject to change at any time. Please check back often as information could change on a daily basis.**

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Pleasantville School Schedule

8:15 AM Doors to school open **
8:30 AM School day begins (Students are late after 8:30)
3:15 PM School day ends / Dismissal

Arrival Procedures


Student Walkers: please line up to the left of the main doors closest to Doncaster Rd. Students should line up behind their designated grade level cone.

Car Riders: enter the car rider line on Pleasantville Place, circle the parking lot as demonstrated in the image below. Please keep you student in the car until you have driven up to the sidewalk at the front door. A staff member will escort your child out of the car. For safety reasons, please stay in your car and wait until the line moves to exit the parking lot on Doncaster Rd.

Dismissal Procedures


Student Walkers: Walkers will be dismissed first, they will walk in front of the school and leave the premises on the Doncaster Rd.

Car Riders: Enter the parking lot on the Pleasant Place side and follow the arrows as indicated in the above image. Remain in your car at all times. Follow the cars until you arrive in front of the school. A staff member will assist students into the vehicle. When safe a staff member will indicate when it is safe to leave the parking lot. Please follow the cars in front of you and exit the lot on Doncaster Rd. TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF ALL STUDENTS PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE AROUND CARS UNLESS INDICATED BY A STAFF MEMBER. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR WHILE IN THE CAR RIDER LINE. PLEASE DO NOT PARK TO RETRIEVE YOUR STUDENT FROM THE FRONT DOOR. THANK YOU!