Where do you live/grow up?
Kevin was born in Enterprise, Alabama.  Being in a military family, Kevin had the opportunity to live in many places including North Carolina, Hawaii, and Virginia before calling Delaware his home.


What is your favorite activity outside of school?
Kevin’s favorite activity to do outside of school is to swim.  It doesn’t matter if he’s in a pool or the ocean, Kevin smiles from ear to ear when he’s in the water.  Kevin had the chance to swim in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea.


What’s one word you would use to describe yourself and why:
One word the best describes Kevin would be “resilient”. Throughout his 21 years, Kevin has overcome many difficult medical situations and each time has come out on top like a champ.


What’s your favorite school memory?
Kevin’s favorite school memory, would have to be spending his days with all of the wonderful friends that he has made at John G. Leach during his 4 years.


What’s something you hope to be remembered for?
Kevin would like to be remembered for his “Highly Anticipated” and “Epic” Promposals.  Thank goodness, he received a “Yes” each and every time.

Here is your opportunity to say thank you to anyone and everyone who made you the success that you are?
Kevin would like to thank everyone at John G. Leach for welcoming him with open arms and for making his 4 years there a memorable and enjoyable experience. Thank you to all his teachers and therapists who helped Kevin achieve his best each and everyday.  You will always be our family and will forever remain in our heart.  Thank you!