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Hello Leach friends!

Your school nurses are here for you. Please feel free to reach out to us via email or dojo. Check your classroom schoology page for office hours.
We hope everyone is staying healthy and social distancing.

Student Handbook & Code of Conduct

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General Info

Virginia Schreppler Ed.D.

Grade Levels: K-12
Phone 302-429-4055


10 Landers Lane 
New Castle, DE 19720

School Hours

  • 7:55 AM Doors to school open
  • 8:05 AM School day begins. 
  • 2:40 PM School day ends / Dismissal


TeacherGrade Level/DivisionRoleEmail
Jillian KennedyInstructional and Behavioral CoachCoachjillian.kennedy@colonial.k12.de.us
Kelly BurkeVirtual InstructionTeacherkelly.burke@colonial.k12.de.us
Natalie HorrocksElementary- Room 5Teachernatalie.horrocks@colonial.k12.de.us
Michele Petro-WolfeElementary- Room 5Paraprofessionalmichele.petro-wolfe@colonial.k12.de.us
Haley FisherElementary-Room 5Paraprofessionalhaleyl.fisher@colonial.k12.de.us
Amber DurenElementary- Room 6TeacherAmber.duren@colonial.k12.de.us
Melissa MurrayElementary- Room 6Paraprofessionalmelissa.murray@colonial.k12.de.us
Hazel StevensonElementary- Room 6Paraprofessionalhazel.stevenson@colonial.k12.de.us
Alysse BattsElementary- Room 1Teacheralysse.batts@colonial.k12.de.us
Sherise BrownElementary- Room 1Paraprofessionalsherise.brown@colonial.k12.de.us
Angelica VargasElementary- Room 1Paraprofessionalangelica.vargas@colonial.k12.de.us
Sydney SobolewskiMiddle/Upper- Room 8Teachersydney.sobolewski@colonial.k12.de.us
Dezjia HigginbothmanMiddle/Upper- Room 8Paraprofessionaldezjia.higginbotham@colonial.k12.de.us
Melissa SacconeMiddle/Upper- Room 8Paraprofessionalmelissa.saccone@colonial.k12.de.us
Emily FreehaferMiddle/Upper- Room 10Teacheremily.freehafer@colonial.k12.de.us
Eileen RodriguezMiddle/Upper- Room 10Paraprofessionaleileen.rodriguez@colonial.k12.de.us
Jozette HartsfieldMiddle/Upper- Room 10Paraprofessionaljozette.hartsfield@colonial.k12.de.us
Nikki WastonMiddle/Upper- Room 10Paraprofessionalshakeya.watson@colonial.k12.de.us
Erika PottsUpper- Room 11TeacherErika.potts@colonial.k12.de.us
Jeanette DrejkaUpper- Room 11Paraprofessionaljeanette.drejka@colonial.k12.de.us
Maryanne PayneUpper- Room 11Paraprofessionalmaryanne.payne@colonial.k12.de.us
Andrea SpringfieldUpper- Room 11Paraprofessionalandrea.springfield@colonial.k12.de.us
Eileen RomanowskiUpper- Room 9TeacherEileen.romanowski@colonial.k12.de.us
Rob StefaniskoUpper- Room 9Paraprofessionalrobert.stefanisko@colonial.k12.de.us
Lillian NepaUpper- Room 9Paraprofessionallillian.nepa@colonial.k12.de.us
Miranda StouchUpper- Room 2Teachermiranda.stouch@colonial.k12.de.us
Kim MarandolaUpper- Room 2Paraprofessionalkimberly.marandola@colonial.k12.de.us
Shaakira ArmstrongUpper- Room 2Paraprofessionalshaakira.armstrong@colonial.k12.de.us
Dan HenryUpper- Room 2Paraprofessionaldaniel.henry@colonial.k12.de.us
Jennifer MiloszewskiSTAR Room 7Teacherjennifer.miloszewski@colonial.k12.de.us
Ed ConnerSTAR Room 7Paraprofessionaledward.conner@colonial.k12.de.us
Michele WilliamsSTAR Room 7paraprofessionalmichele.williams@colonial.k12.de.us
Jodie HendryxSTAR Room 7Paraprofessionaljodie.hendryx@colonial.k12.de.us
Brandon HughesSTAR Room 12TeacherBrandon.hughes@colonial.k12.de.us
Nicol BlevinsSTAR Room 12Paraprofessionalnicol.blevins@coloial.k12.de.us
Madia GraySTAR Room 12Paraprofessionalmadia.gray@colonial.k12.de.us
Gwen SimpsonSTAR Room 12Paraprofessionalgwendolyn.simpson@colonial.k12.de.us
Laura ButtsHomeboundTeacherlaura.butts@colonial.k12.de.us
Dr. Kristin CaponePTTherapistkristin.capone@colonial.k12.de.us
Dr. Chris Palmer- CaseyPTTherapistchristine.palmer@colonial.k12.de.us
Dr. Tara KulakOTTherapisttara.kulak@colonial.k12.de.us
Tom WinklerOTTherapistthomas.winkler@colonial.k12.de.us
Dr. Kristin ChickadelOTTherapistkristin.chickadel@colonial.k12.de.us
Annette MesternOTTherapistannette.mestern@colonial.k12.de.us
Amy MicklosSLPTherapistamy.micklos@colonial.k12.de.us
Kelsey NewkirkSLPTherapistkelsey.newkirk@colonial.k12.de.us
Sam MargerumSLPTherapistsamantha.margerum@colonial.k12.de.us
Amy MicklosAssistive TechTherapistamy.micklos@colonial.k12.de.us
Kara VillanelliMusicTeacherkara.villanelli@colonial.k12.de.us
Frank HughesPE/PoolTeacherfrancis.hughes@colonial.k12.de.us
Dave WillardPE/PoolTeacherdavid.willard@colonial.k12.de.us
Dr. Ginny SchrepplerMain officePrincipalvirginia.schreppler@colonial.k12.de.us
Lorie SimmonsMain officeSecretaryLorie.simmons@colonial.k12.de.us
Krista DrewrySpecialistPyschologistkrista.drewry@colonial.k12.de.us
Catherine Rounsley-MaxwellSpecialistSpecial Education Coordinatorcatherine.rounsely-maxwell@colonial.k12.de.us
Claudia PetersNurseNurseclaudia.peters@colonial.k12.de.us
Joe SalernoNurseNursejoe.salerno@colonial.k12.de.us


The John G. Leach School, known initially as the Delaware Day School and founded by the Delaware Easter Seals Society, began as a public day school for youth with physical disabilities.  In 1953, it was renamed for John G. Leach, a prominent educator, humanitarian, and advocate for the disabled.  Leach School serves pupils residing in New Castle County, ages 3-21, who have physical disabilities, moderate to severe cognitive disabilities, or serious health impairments.  Leach School’s functional education and training as well as access to a traditional academic curriculum are individualized for students.  Students have the opportunity to develop their capacities for independence and academic success through their participation in a functional life-skills curriculum; supportive therapy – physical, occupational, and speech; pool program; adapted physical education; music; community-based instruction; and assistive technology programs.

Leach School staff and families strive to equip students with skills to think for themselves, appreciate the contribution of others, ambulate with increasing independence, learn on their own and communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively.

John G. Leach School staff and administration work collaboratively with parents, community, state and district groups to empower students to reach their fullest potential as independent and productive citizens. Leach School provides focused and motivating learning environments for all students. All staff engages in professional development to provide state-of-the-art programming. Our goal is to employ “best practice” methods, including the use of technology, individualized programming, functional mobility, and meaningful peer interaction opportunities. Our school/parent collaboration has been an integral part of our program’s success. These efforts led to Leach School’s recognition as the nation’s first M.O.V.E. (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) Model Site, twice the recipient of the State of Delaware Parent Partnership Award, the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Superstars in Education Award and our First Friends Preschool was recognized by the ARC of Delaware’s “Program” award.

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Beliefs

We will create a nurturing community that honors all abilities in order to empower our students to grow and develop to reach their fullest potential.

Provide an individualized, engaging educational experience for each student grounded in collaboration, innovation, and achievement.

Core Beliefs
– Everyone has the right to meaningful engagement in a positive, –  collaborative, and respectful environment,
– Everyone has the right to communicate and be heard.
– Everyone has the right to know what is expected of them.