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795 Cox Neck Road

New Castle, Delaware 19720


Jeffory Gibeault

Jeffory Gibeault


Rich Bryson

Rich Bryson

Assistant Principal -B/O Staff Center

Kerri Campbell

Kerri Campbell

Assistant Principal -G/Y Staff Center

Mark McKenzie

Mark McKenzie

Student Advisor -B/O Staff Center


Lindsay Newell

Lindsay Newell

Main Office

Carmen Word

Carmen Word

B/O Staff Center

Kim Briscoe

Kim Briscoe

G/Y Staff Center

Arlene Keebler

Arlene Keebler

Special Education

Teachers and Staff


Ms. Adriana Mann– G5
ext. 3005

Mrs. Maria Vaillancourt – G6
ext. 3006

Mrs. Rebecca Emig – G4
ext. 3004

Mrs. Cheritta Marvel– G7
ext. 3007

Ms. Naeisha Palmer– G8
ext. 3008

First Grade

Ms. Brandi Bowers – G9
ext. 3009

Mrs. Christine Minker – G10
ext. 3010

Ms. Jennifer Hurley – G11
ext. 3011

Mrs. Michelle Upperman – G11
ext. 3011

Ms. Cindy Price – G12
ext. 3012

Ms. Julianne Jackson – G13
 ext. 3013

Mrs. Abby Potts – G14
ext. 3014
































Second Grade

Mrs. Marlowe Woodfin – B9
ext. 1009

Mrs. Catherine Ahlrich – B11
ext. 1011

Mrs. Abby Schneider – B12
ext. 1012

Ms. Samantha Dent – B13
ext. 1013

Ms. Laura Oakley – B14
ext. 1014

Third Grade

Mrs. Krystal Rembert-Wallace – B4
ext. 1004

Mrs. Rebecca Grillo – B6
ext. 1006

Mr. Todd Pusey – B7
ext. 1007

Mrs. Sarah Phillips – B8
ext. 1008

Mrs. Rachel Barton– B10
ext. 1010

Mrs. Sharon Jenkins– B10
ext. 1010

Fourth Grade
Ms. Holly Simpson – O9
ext. 4009

Ms. Brianna McCartney – O9
ext. 4009

Ms. Katrina Gopez – O11
ext. 4011

Mrs. Megan Murphy – O12
ext. 4012

Mrs. Nancy Frailey – O13
ext. 4013

Ms. Dawn Freebery – O14
ext. 4014

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Roxie Baynard – O4
ext. 4004

Mr. Adam Ferguson – O5
ext. 4005

Ms. Emily Schussler – O6
ext. 4006

Mrs. Bridget Shimp – O8
ext. 4008

 Mr. James Stiner – O10
ext. 4010

Mrs. Melissa Nolan – O10
ext. 4010


Ms. Lindsay Haugh
Main Office
ext. 6000

Mrs. Kimberly Briscoe
G/Y Staff Center
ext. 6015

Ms. Carmen Word
B/O Staff Center
ext. 6032



Mrs. Allyson Bramble– Y10
ext. 2010


Ms. Elise DeRose-Rea– O7
ext. 4007


Ms. Julia Rechner – G1
ext. 3001


Mr. Patrick Krajewski – G3
ext. 3003


Mrs. Lindsay Lucas– Y14
ext. 2014


Mrs. Theresa Monaco – Y12
ext. 2012


Ms. Taylor Fulmer – Y13
ext. 2013



Ms. Briana Holden – Y5
ext. 2005


Mrs. Stephanie Alexander – Y7
ext. 2007


Ms. Khalice Payne – Y8
ext. 2008


Mr. Nathaniel Gorski – Y9
ext. 2009


Ms. Chanel Purnell – Y11
ext. 2011


Integration A

Mrs. Tamara Santiago– B1
ext. 1001


Ms. Victoria Reus– B3
ext. 1003


Ms. Erika Komp– B5
ext. 1005


Mrs. Jennifer Miloszewski– O1
ext. 4001


Ms. Laina Durham– O3
ext. 4003


Mrs. Kate Bolton– Y1
ext. 2001


Mrs. Julianne Conaway– Y3
ext. 2003


Mrs. Paula Jean – Y4
ext. 2004


Mrs. Jessica O’Neill – Y6
ext. 2006


ELL (English Language Learners)
Mrs. Regina Becker
ext. 6201

Mrs. Jody Garcia
ext. 6038

Mrs. Jacqueline Higgins (Mondays)
ext. 6040

Mr. Tyrone Tedrick (Band)
ext. 6040


Ms. Susan Stiles
ext. 6041

Ms. Tracy Bauman
ext. 6041



Physical Education
Mr. Martin Jordan
ext. 6020

Mr. James Bratten
ext. 6036

Mr. Robert Poore
ext. 6020

Technology Education

Ms. Molly Burgess
ext. 6012

Ms. Jennifer Haugh (Thursdays and Fridays)
ext. 6202

Speech Therapists

 Ms. Christine Stow
ext. 6002

Jessica Murtha
ext. 6002

Ms. Lauren Fox
ext. 6007

Mr. Jeffrey Loux
ext. 6006

Ms. Kristen Barrow
ext. 6005

Physical and Occupational Therapists

Physical Therapist

Mrs. Kristin Capone
ext. 6055

Occupational Therapists

Mrs. Christine Holdren
ext. 6055

Ms. Warna Warren
ext. 6055

Mrs. Lisa Bachman (M, T, W, Th)
ext. 6055

Ms. Alicia Postlewait (M, T, Th)
ext. 6055

Ms. Erica Horton
ext. 6055



Special Education Coordinators

Mrs. Heather Cern
ext. 6062


Ms. Elena Miller
ext. 6017


Mrs. Megan Mueller
ext. 6034


Family Crisis Therapist

Mr. Terrance Delane
ext. 6008

Mrs. Lisa Gale – G/Y Staff Center
ext. 6013

Mrs. Debi Kelly – B/O Staff Center
ext. 6028


Ms. Abby Cash
ext. 6018

Mrs. Lindsay Hammond
ext. 6030

Mrs. Sarah Flavell
ext. 6030


Literacy and Math Interventionists

Literacy Interventionists

Mrs. Gayle Cooksey-B221
ext. 6040

Mrs. Diane Tilley-B221
ext. 6040

Math Interventionist

Mrs. Maureen Nichols-B221
ext. 6040


Math and Reading Coach

Mrs. Erica Boykin – O2
ext. 4002

Ms. Desiree Norwood – O2
ext. 4002