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School Psychologist

We are here to help your children achieve their best.

School psychologists help children and youth succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. We have specialized training in both education and mental health and know how to identify and lower barriers to learning. These barriers can include developmental or learning disabilities, behavior difficulties, teaching styles, school or classroom climate, problems at home or with friends, substance or alcohol abuse, violence, and mental health problems such as anxiety or depression.

Our goal is to collaborate with parents, school staff, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments so that all students can learn.

I will be conducting groups throughout the year based on the needs of the students. Please let me or the counselors know if there is a student you are especially concerned about.

Here is a general guide of tasks I can do:

  • Serious risk assessment – when a student expresses or displays behaviors suggesting suicidal ideation, or there is uncertainty whether or not a student is safe to be in the building.
  • Consulting with teachers about students presenting with academic and behavioral challenges. Establish and review outcomes of interventions.
  • Conducting classroom observations of students who are struggling or being evaluated.
  • Attending team meetings or meetings between staff and parents of struggling students.
  • Psycho-educational evaluations and report writing for students being considered or re-evaluated for special education support.
  • Individual student counseling (Please talk with your team counselor if you are concerned about a student, unless it is an emergency situation and the counselor is unavailable.)
  • Group counseling to help student gain the skills, knowledge, and support to solve problems independently and to cope with challenges.
  • Working with children and families to address barriers to academic and social success.
  • Connecting families to mental health and other community resources.
  • Participating in any Special Education meetings, SIT, or PBS meetings.
  • Helping our school and our families deal with crisis and loss.
  • Assess and support development of a school climate that facilitates positive behavior and learning.
  • Addressing any needs for prevention programs for problems such as bullying, violence, diversity, and suicide.
  • Being a resource for working with students with disabilities, identified or not, to help teachers and parents effectively address student challenges.
  • Developing a crisis response plan and team.
  • Linking research-based practices with mental health and academic policies and programs.
  • Providing in-service training for parents and staff to help support our students as effectively as possible.
  • A resource for data collection and connecting data to measurable interventions that promotes student success.


Contact Information:

Susan Smathers
School Psychologist, McCullough Middle School (M-F)
Phone: (302) 429-4000 ext. 2030


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