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Social Studies

The McCullough Middle School Social Studies Department strives to educate our students on their relationship with the world. The main purpose of this subject is for us to become better citizens. Here, we can learn how civilizations came about and how humanity has evolved. When we understand the past more clearly, we have a richer perspective of today’s society. We are not only studying about the past and our history, but also we learn about the methods that people used to improve their societies. By studying it, we can also develop values that will help us improve and contribute to our society.

Our teachers incorporate a variety of reading, writing, investigative, and technology-based tasks to engage and teach our students. Teachers from all grade levels and all three middle schools collaborate in planning and assessing to ensure they are delivering the best instruction possible. The teachers plan and implement lessons using the Learning Focused Solutions model. As a result, they strive to challenge our students with higher level thinking tasks in order to prepare them for high school and beyond.


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