UD ENTR 167: Entrepreneurship Experience

This course is designed to provide practical career development skills, build meaningful relationships and foster an entrepreneurial mindset. Teaches how to brand yourself through the use of social media; acquires communication, social influence, and networking skills.
Combines topics from ENTR155: Startup of the Professional You, ENTR156: Idea to Action, ENTR157: Venturing for Good, ENTR158: Inventions, Innovations & New Technologies

Upon “successful” completion of this course, students will earn 3 college credits + 1 high school AP-weighted credit. This UDel course is offered at William Penn High School, during school hours.

  • Level of Support: Tier 4 (Most)
  • University: University of Delaware
  • Type: Face-to-Face @ Penn, year-long
  • Instructor: Ms. Maria Beasley
  • Grade Level: 11-12th
  • Cost: $125
  • Payment: Due before enrolling in the course; Pay to “William Penn High School” via cash, check, or online- see Ms. Cuje

Textbooks for this course will be supplied by William Penn.

Transfer of College credit after attending through Early College Programs
Students who subsequently enroll in Dual Enrollment or Early College courses enjoy advanced standing. Many colleges and universities will generally accept credits earned through programs of this type. Some will not. Most colleges and universities will accept credits from other institutions if a grade of “C” or better is earned. The student and/or their parents/guardian should contact the college or university of their choice to determine whether Dual Enrollment or Early College credits will be accepted. Students may have to send an official transcript from the partnering higher education institution to the college or university of their choice to aid in the college’s decision. Each institution applies these credits differently.