UD ART 204: Media/Design/Culture (Spring Semester)

Current and historical media processes and their impact on art, design and culture. Image making and manipulation, video, audio, interactivity, and connectivity. Viewing fine art and design projects, the historical aspects of design and digital media, basic media theory, and universal principles of software and digital media. Projects include writing, creating visual media, and making presentations. Unfamiliar media experienced firsthand through exhibitions, screenings, lectures, online exploration and consumer media devices.

Upon “successful” completion of this course, students will earn 3 college credits + 1 high school AP-weighted credit. This UDel course is offered as an asynchronous online course during the Spring semester.

  • Level of Support: Least
  • University: University of Delaware
  • Type: Online/Independent, Semester-long; SPRING ONLY
  • Instructor: College Instructor with Penn Support
  • Grade Level: 11-12th
  • Cost: $0 FREE
  • Payment: Enroll online for free

No textbooks are required for this course.

Instructor: Aaron Terry, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Art & Design

Plan on going to UD? This course fulfills the Creative Arts and Humanities University Breadth Requirement with a grade of C- or higher. Additionally, may fulfill a Creative Arts & Humanities College Breadth Requirement for some majors. Fulfills the University’s Multicultural Requirement.

About the Department of Art and Design:
The Department of Art & Design, part of a distinguished research and teaching university, believes that making art is an expansive process. The Department has a special responsibility to develop students’ individual artistic practices as well as their critical understanding of art and design. In line with our university’s strategic plan we promote in our students the role of art and design in understanding and expressing the human experience. We cultivate an inclusive atmosphere of diversity, discovery,  experimentation, problem-solving, and creative thinking. The Department’s approach is learner centered with the aim of educating socially and culturally engaged artists and designers who comprehend and challenge definitions and assumptions with
a wide spectrum of artistic production. Our graduates enter the world equipped to adapt to the rapidly evolving world as creators capable of affecting culture. Our graduates activate the future.

What you can do with a major in Art and Design:
• Advertising
• Architecture
• Apparel Design
• Art Conservation & Curation
• Arts Administration & Management
• Communications
• Entertainment
• Fine Arts
• Galleries & Auction Houses
• Graphic Design
• Illustration & Motion Graphics

What success looks like in this course (a note from the professor): Students need to have a curiosity and desire to learn about something they may know nothing about. Students need to express themselves by making work that investigates their own personal awareness of the world around them. Students should also be self-motivated and willing to challenge the way they conduct research using both online and other resource materials.



Transfer of College credit after attending through Early College Programs
Students who subsequently enroll in Dual Enrollment or Early College courses enjoy advanced standing. Many colleges and universities will generally accept credits earned through programs of this type. Some will not. Most colleges and universities will accept credits from other institutions if a grade of “C” or better is earned. The student and/or their parents/guardian should contact the college or university of their choice to determine whether Dual Enrollment or Early College credits will be accepted. Students may have to send an official transcript from the partnering higher education institution to the college or university of their choice to aid in the college’s decision. Each institution applies these credits differently.