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The study of Agriculture at William Penn High School focuses on two fundamental areas: plant science and animal science. Plant science applies the principles of agriculture, biology, and chemistry of plant life. Connecting to our environmental science program, students combine economics, policy and ecology in order to study ecosystems and natural resources. Our animal science program emphasizes animal nutrition, animal care and how animals interact with our food systems.

Through a partnership with Trustees of New Castle Common on Historic Penn Farm, students practice this knowledge on a living farm, adjacent to school property. Students will learn each aspect of farming in real time from seeds to harvest. Agriculture students work directly with culinary students, nutrition services, and science students in our “Farm to School to Table” program.

Check out the “Healthy Food for Healthy Delawareans: A Farm and Food Report“, researched and produced by the University of Delaware’s Center for Research in Education and Social Policy and the Delaware Department of Agriculture

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