Plant Science

Plant Science is the field of  science that deals with the, function, development, diversity, reproduction, evolution, and uses of plants. Plant Science also provides hands-on and student-led experiences for students. Along with a greenhouse, our students have an outdoor classroom! Penn Farm encompasses 107 acres of land, where students can  become involved in multiple aspects of Plant Science. Each year students learn to grow and care for plants, flowers, and vegetables from seed. Student productivity in the greenhouse leads up to our annual spring plant sale. During the plant sale, the students learn valuable floral business and marketing skills. The greenhouse provides many opportunities for hands-on learning and year-long projects.

Check out our Plant Sale Catalog for this year! (2024 Catalog coming soon)


WP Plant Sale April 30 – May 4

Topics Taught Include:

Different Methods of Plant Propagation, Plant ID, Plant Disease ID, Integrated Pest Management, Floriculture, Landscape Design, Greenhouse Management and MORE!


Click below to view the State of Delaware Animal Science teaching standards:

Plant Science Standards Delaware

“Agriculture is a hard sell to some of our students, but being a part of the growing process from start to finish gives kids a sense of accomplishment. Students get to grow, cultivate and harvest foods that they get to use in culinary classes or they get to see it in the cafeteria. We stress the importance of growing these crops so that others in our community can have access to fresh locally grown produce.”