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Foundations of College English

The Foundations of College English is a preparatory course designed to provide reinforcement in writing skills and improve reading fluency and comprehension skills. Reading and writing activities are integrated to provide continuity and practical application. Students completing the course with a score of 75% or higher will qualify to take credit-bearing English coursework at Delaware institutions of higher education.

This course is offered to students who have not reached the 480 PSAT/SAT benchmark for English Language Arts but are seeking college-level course work while enrolled in high school.

Upon “successful” completion of this course, students will earn 1 high school regularly-weighted credit. This course, developed by Del Tech Community College is offered at William Penn High School, during school hours.

  • Level of Support: Tier 4 (Most)
  • University: 75%+ will make you eligible to take credit-bearing English courses at all Delaware Higher Ed. Institutions
  • Type: Face-to-Face @ Penn, semester-long
  • Instructor: Mr. Becker
  • Grade Level: 11-12th
  • Cost: $0 FREE
  • Payment: No payment necessary.

Textbooks for this course will be supplied by William Penn.

No Payment Due

Successful completion (75%+) of Foundations of College English

allows you to move onto Credit-Bearing English Courses!

William Penn offers several options:

Offered Fall Semester as a Dual Enrollment course (with a William Penn Instructor), paired with DTCC ENG 102

Offered as a Transfer Credit (Early College) semester course @ Wilmington University, with a WilmU instructor

Offered Spring Semester as a Dual Enrollment course, paired with DTCC ENG 101.

*Note: Successful completion of DTCC ENG 101 is a prerequisite to DTCC ENG 102.