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Welcome to the Colonial School District Human Resource page  


The Colonial School District is made up of nearly 1500 employees.  Our dedicated staff is committed to  attracting and retaining a top-talented and diverse workforce.   The Human Resources Division seeks to provide professional quality assistance to our employees. On this page you will find useful information.  If you do not find what you are looking for, or if you desire additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the office or the  Human Resources staff that handles your questions.  Human Resources Division – (302)323-2712

  • Holly Sage, Director of Human Resources
  • Jennifer Alexander, Director of Talent and Development  

Payroll questions – please contact the following:

Payroll Team:
Jennifer Thornton, Payroll Manager
Doug Smythe, Payroll Specialist
Aunye Kelley, Payroll Secretary

Contact us: or 302-400-7833



Dominique• Transportation
• Secretaries
• Name Change
• Clock Hours
• Summer School Employees
Regina• Short Term Disability
• Personal Leave
• COVID-19 related absences
• Workers’ Compensations
Jeanne• Administrators
• Constables
• Data Service Center
• Specialist
• Sub Secretaries & Sub Teachers
• Teachers & ROTC
• Certification
• Plus Credit Applications
Deldra• Benefits
• Open Enrollment
• Retirement Benefits
• Flex Credit
Aunye• Secretary
• Cover main desk
• Filing for PHRST team
• Cross Checking Attendance with PHRST Team
• Assist with payroll and leave
Mary Jo• Chief Custodians
• Custodians
• Nutrition Workers
• Student Workers not at Colwyck
Darcel• Receptionist/Clerk
• Assist with Benefits
• Assist with STD/FMLA/WC
Becky• Paraprofessionals
• Student Workers at Colwyck
• Clock Hours - Paraprofessionals

Shelley Vincent• PHRST Management
• Assist with Retirement
• Assist with Pre-Retirement Workshops
• Exit processing
• Back-up Benefits & Leave Coordinator
• Vested Pension Applications